The Wonder of India

WOW!! what a wild trip we have been having so far.  Delhi, Agra and the Taj Mahal, Veranasi and all of its wonder…oh and let me not forget our train adventures.  India is such an amazing juxtaposition of Light/Dark, Happy/Sad.  We just arrived in Dharmasala yesterday.  The place we are staying is 180 steps down…and up to get to our hotel. Thank goodness there are people who can run up and down with our luggage.  PHEW!   However the Monastery we will be staying at beginning today will be 300 steps…so this is just practice.  Wow, legs are getting in shape!

This morning we woke up early and went for a walk and a crowd was standing around the Dalai Lama’s temple….so we stood and waited and lo and behold…WE SAW the Dalai Lama drive by.  What an amazing way to start the day!!!  It was such a heart opening experience.

We are off to our hotel to pack as our course begins tonite.  I am looking forward to meeting all the people in the class and beginning the next chapter of our amazing adventure.  I feel so lucky to be here.  The weather is cool and beautiful here.  Thank goodness I am with Nicole as she will be providing ALL of the photos.  And they are amazing.
The one of the “blue man” meditating was taken in Veranasi…one of the most spiritual cities in India.  The city of Shiva, was just incredible.  We stayed with a family Nicole knew and we hired an amazing 21 year old guide. He tried to convince us that if our hearts were pure it would be ok for us to swim in the Ganges…I do not feel that my heart is pure enough for Ganga, as they call her…so I stayed on the shore or in the boat.  We saw lots of temples and drank a LOT of Chai, did a small bit of shopping.  And then an overnight train to Dharmasala.

More soon.
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4 thoughts on “The Wonder of India

  1. Hey gruber…wowee!! So glad to hear this adventure and live vicariously through you!! Sounds so amazing..keep posting your friends pics..cant wait to see and hear more!! Enjoy the steps and live in every second of it!! Xoxo!!

  2. yeah you are so lucky to see the Lama himself and YES girl you could swim the entire river and back that is how pure your heart is!!
    Love you and so enjoy your posts!!!

  3. Sounds incredible Linda! Thanks so much for sharing this exciting adventure! Keep ’em coming and enjoy your time in Dharmsala. Maybe you’ll get to see His Holiness again?
    Peace and love from all of us here.

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